Insurance policies for expatriates

Seguros para expatriados | Helvetia Seguros
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Seguros para expatriados | Helvetia Seguros
Seguros para expatriados | Helvetia Seguros
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Now that you are far from your home country, your main concern is to protect the well-being of your family, secure peace of mind, and make sure your dreams are fulfilled. Our wide range of insurance policies will help you achieve this.

  • Backed by the Helvetia Group
  • Insurance policy documents in your own language
  • Advice and guidance from specialist insurance agents
  • Insurance for you, for your family, and for your company
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At Helvetia Seguros our goal is to make it easier for those who, like you, have left their native country behind to settle into a new life in Spain, whatever the reason.
Seguro de Hogar Expatriados | Helvetia Seguros

Home insurance

We provide comprehensive home insurance coverage for expats who are living in Spain, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis, as well as insurance cover for short-term rental homes.

Our wide range of home insurance coverage can be adapted to suit your needs, so that you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home is completely covered.

Home insurance [PDF]

Seguro de Decesos | Helvetia Seguros

Funeral insurance

This insurance policy provides services tailored to meet the needs of foreigners who are resident in Spain. In the event of the death of an insured party we will take care of all the distressing paperwork and arrangements required to repatriate the body, and pay both the cost of returning the deceased to their home country for burial and the return travel expenses of one person to accompany the deceased.

Funeral insurance [PDF]

Seguros de Salud | Helvetia Seguros

Health insurance

Since risk is part of everyday life, and accidents can happen any time, we have a policy which offers you the services of 40,000 healthcare professionals at over 1,100 medical centres throughout Spain, where you will receive quality healthcare services 24/7. What is more, you will not have to pay any copayments or extra expenses.

Health insurance [PDF]

Familia ahorra con los seguros de inversión

Endowment insurance

This policy offers a diverse range of products, which come with the guarantee of a prestigious Swiss insurance group, for those who want to earn high returns on their money and ensure their future. We have a wide variety of saving plans and systems, ranging from conservative formulas to the most modern, sophisticated products, which have expectations of higher returns in the medium to long term.

Seguro de Coche | Helvetia Seguros

Car insurance

Your safety is our priority, and this is why we have created a policy which will protect you against the many things that can happen while you are driving, or as a passenger, pedestrian or cyclist. In addition to its extensive and innovative coverage, we have included legal assistance, psychological, and travel services, as well as a network of Premium repair shops.

Car insurance [PDF]

Seguro de Vida Online | Helvetia Seguros

Life insurance

If you and your family are living far from away your home country, you need to protect yourself and your loved ones by ensuring their financial security. This insurance coverage ensures that in the event you die or are disabled, your family will be able to maintain their standard of living, and will not have to leave the country for financial reasons.

Life insurance [PDF]

Seguro de Comercios | Helvetia Seguros

Other insurance policies for the family and your business

In addition to the insurance policies described above, we also all have a variety of policies to meet all the family´s needs. These range from boat, motorbike, and accident insurance policies, to commercial and SME insurance for your business.

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